HELLO! WE ARE THE KINGS OF SPAEDS@!!! solitaire clan!
hi my name is pete sobalo and this is the webpage for my clans site!!
we are the worlds most elite solitaire players. if you have not played windows solitaire before i suggest that you try it out.

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importent update!!!
april 9 2007 update
we r still here but now we're playing more freecell then just solitare cuz solitare gets old after a while u can only stay on that game for a few years before u just need to move on and expand ur carreer to new horizons which is what carzo and i have done! But we are still fipping those cardz like hot bitches! whoooohooo wut wut!!! haha peace yall

if u are a new to the wonderful world of elite solitare then u may be interested in viewing these high resolution photographs of the game during play

this is presicely wut the game looks like when u start it up!
the point of the games objective is to re arrange the carsd in a manner in which they will become placed int he upper portion of the playing area!here is what the game looksl ike a little ways in:

as u can see the cards are stacked in alternation on top of each other in the lower sections from K down to 2 but in the upper it goes from A at the bottom up to K at the top and it is all the same suit!!! in r clan there is a special things u need to do while playing and one of them is to put ur aces in the right order. as u can see the spades come first, the hearts next the diamonds arent there yet but they ome third and clovers is last of all!!!!!

inside this image u can see that the space man at the top turned into a green circle. im not sure why this is like it exactly but it is cuz whenever u get to the end of the stack of crads at the top u get the green circle up there but a red X instead if u are playing vegas style. this iamge is from end game where most cards are in there places at the bottom and redy to go up top!!!!!

this is the very end of the game (but only this game cuz there will be more u cannot stop solitarie!!!!!! as u can see the cards are all in their upper placement except of course for the king of spades he is the last card u will ever put up in any game because WE ARE THE KINGS OF SPADES!!!!1 that is r other big rule u must always put the king of spades up LAST of all

when u win the coolest effect of the game ocurs because the cards come tumbling down ina bouncing motion accross your screen! and they leave this trail so you can see where they were. it is severly cool i mean wow

-from superpete

hi this is cardzo and i am the vice marshal of the kinds of spades. i am here 2 help u out with things like r rules and ranks n regulations. if u need to have a look at our ranks just go to this paeg: OUR RANKS if that page does not open check this out here r r ranks!

vice marshal

lutenant general
majer general

sr cernal
lutenant cernal
sr lutenant
other kind of lutenant

uh if u want to know about the rest u better go to the link i had cuz i dont realy want to explan it too u rite now
if u are wondering why r ur ranks so weird? well i will tell u. r ranks come from north korea. why do u want those ranks they are r enemy of US? well ill tell u that 2. u see, we are using ranks of enemys as our own way 2 protestation war. as u can see we are not anit us but if we support everybody then we are against war!

here is a picter of a game of solitare that i played

i hope u are enjoying ur stay at the kings of spades homepage! more will be added soon! if u are enterested in joining the first thing you need to do is start following our rules and memorizing the rankings and putting ur aces in the rite order
u mite think oh my this is useless but i assure u it is not! aces in the order is veyr important because it is YOUR SINGACHUR AS A CARDZ PLAYER!!!!!!!

r picture galery of solitaire
go here 2 see the membrship of kings of spades

it has come to my attention that there are some serious lamers who think there clan is better than ares!!!! we are the king of spaeds and there stupied clan is going to be crumpled in r rath! hahaha
plz go here and tell them how stupied they r those fucking trashes!

-from superpete

hi this is cardzo i decided to post in white now so u can tel it aprt from pete. all r members shuld be notified of the upcoming vote on if we should ban spider solitaire since it is really weird and not like normal solitare. this is what spider looks like

and heres a game of normal slitare that iw as playing today which was a load of fun

as u can see i am using the frog deck which is seriusly cool. if there is a cooler deck than the frog i haev yet 2 find it

this is cardzo again. i think it wuld be a good idea if we all said something about rselfs ic an post here but ull haev to sign the guestbook with someinfo abt urself. k my real name is jimmy and i live in misissipy i am 12 yrs old and i have aol. i liek to hang wid my bros on instnt messinger. my screen name is cardzo k of s, so if u want to talk 2 me just let me no. uh... i have a dog named spot but he doesnt have ne sopts lol! its a joke! k post urs

sorry htis is cardzo again. we haev a problem with the web pages site cuz pete called me last nite and told me that it said the page was broken back then its working now but he said too much traffic on it or something i dont get what the problem is but if u no wuts wrong plz put the answer in the guestbook!
also i have an update 4 u on the spider sol issue!! ok pete said that spider is 2 hard to make a clan around but if ppl want 2 play it we shopuldnt stop them cuz thayt is mean. so u are allwd to play spider but look at hiow hard it is!!

how could u possbly win that


this is pete sobalo, marshal of kings of spades!!! we have just opened ANOTHER WEBSITE! thats right folks we have 2 websites thats moe than gay ass imperal alliance has those fucking gay asses!!!! the king card pictures will now link to our other website
it doesnt replace this 1 tho so make sure u check both!!!!

i just won a game of spider! omg i rule! spider is harder than normal and i beat it

theres proof!

hey guyz its cardzo. i just relized that imperil allience site is DOWN go and see clania.org. now I remember that they were r nme and tried 2 fuck us up! i remember that we fought them! and i remember what matters most! WE ARE STILL HERE!!! AND THEY ARENT!!!!!!!!!!!!1 thos newbs who couldnt handle there solitare haev been defeted! good job men they didnt stand the test of time like US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE KINGS ARE SUPREME! if ne gay ass clans from other games think they can kill US ever again they better look relly hard and lern wut hapens 2 r nmes!! lol

this ugly bitch here is LANTOKA he is r enemy leader he is realy stuipd and dumb so if u see him punch his face off and go to this site for more info!1

i moved this part down form the top cuz i got tired of cing that ugly fucks face every time i checked on r website im sure ur tired of it 2. dammmmmmmmmmm hes ugly!!! neways his clan is gone now there is no longer nething at clania.org so we won gj guys!!!!!!! KINGS RULE!!!!!!

newz update from friday!
this is PETE informing u that i bot starcrat yesterday and its actualy not a bad game we r now considering invading starcrat as well as solitar!!!!
also i have moved this msg down 2 here since it is no longer urgant! it is the 1 in red writing

URGANT MESAGE!!! we have been attacked by hackers! they have taken over r other site and blamed it on imperial allience! if u no how 2 hack plz get the site back! otherwise we will be forced 2 abanden it and make a new second site

if u cant hack then make the imps pay by raiding their website and spamming them! spam is when u post a lot and it makes their server SLOW and then their website breaks from 2 much spam!
go here and go 2 the forum and show them who da boss is!


NEWZ UPDAET! 2day i was playin cards with REAL CARDS! it was nutz and my friend was plying 2 he won me like 8 times but then i got him back it was out of control omg. i just thought i shud share that with u!!!!!1